The Olson Laboratory for Molecular Tectonics

Molecular Recognition, Self-Assembly, and Architectonic Tuning

Welcome to the Olson Research Group Website. We are affiliated with the Institute for Molecular Design within the School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology at Tianjin University. We seek to develop and manipulate switchable self-assembling molecular architectures by way of subtle synthetic transformations. We are interested in understanding the role of accumulating long range non-covalent interactions and electrostatics in macromolecules and how these forces and interactions affect the thermodynamic equilibrium and kinetics of self-assembly in solution, on surfaces, and at the solvent-nanoparticle interface. The website is geared towards prospective graduate and undergraduate students interested in materials chemistry and molecular nanotechnology. If you are interested in learning more about our research, publications, current group members and more, feel free to browse the various sections of this site.  




Our work follows four simple tenants: model it, make it, measure it, publish it! We thrive on both intra- and inter-university collaborative research and we are always looking for new opportunities. Contact us now!